Automated Processes
Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. has invested in state-of-the-art equipment that enhances quality, improves productivity and reduces costs. We've automated our processes from start to finish, virtually eliminating the chance for human error and assuring more consistency, greater precision and less scrap. This results in higher quality parts, on-time delivery and lower costs per part for you.

Expert Pattern Making
Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. was founded by an expert pattern maker, and continues that tradition of expertise today. Our complete Pattern Department, specializing in wood and metal patterns, can assist you with new pattern tooling's, prompt design changes, and tooling maintenance.

Skilled Core Making
Core work is an art as well as a science, and we specialize in castings requiring complicated cores. About 60% of our castings involve cores, with some requiring up to seven cores or more. Our core department processes include shell, oil sand, warm box and cold box. No matter how complicated, we can meet your most demanding core specifications.

Precision Molding
Our Beardsley & Piper automatic molding machines with Series VII Continu-Matic mold-handling systems form the backbone of our Molding Department. We supplement these automated machines with our traditional jolt-squeezer and roto lift machines. We also use an automated sand system and automated materials handling to enhance our precise molding operation.

Efficient Finishing
The unique automated transfer of castings enables our finishing department operators to concentrate on specific processes, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity and safety. We provide multiple processes, including heat treatments, coatings, machining and surface treatments such as vibratory finishes and shot blasting.

Quality 2020
Quality 2020 is our program to ensure we meet our high standard of 100% parts acceptance. Quality is an essential part of our mission. We have continually invested in technology, equipment and training to provide you with the best possible casting solutions and parts. We have a full-time quality team to fine-tune our overall quality assurance program. Our rigorous in-house quality monitoring system includes sand testing, metal testing, process control, and employee training. We continue working toward ISO 9000 standards and certification for our domestic plant while sourcing offshore exclusively through ISO-certified suppliers.


  • Air-Set/Nobake
  • Aluminum Die casting
  • Aluminum Permanent Mold - All types
  • Centrifugal Casting
  • Ceramic Mold Casting/Shaw
  • Continuous Gas-Hardened/Cold box
  • Green Sand-Horizontal & Vertical
  • Investment Casting
  • Lost Foam (Evaporative Pattern Casting)
  • Plaster Mold
  • Shell Mold
  • Squeeze/Semisolid
  • V-Process Sand
  • Vacuum Casting

Facility List

  • Plant - 60,000 square feet
  • Warehouse – 8,000 square feet
  • One 2620 B & P automatic molding machine with Continu-Matic mold handling.
  • One 2016 B & P automatic molding machine with Continu-Matic mold handling.
  • One sand system with computerized Hartley sand controls
  • Two reverberatory Thermtronix furnaces
  • Two each oil sand, shell, warm box and cold box core process machines
  • One rotary impeller degassing unit with vacuum metal checking chamber
  • One International Jolt – squeezer molding machines.
  • One Osborn 3161 Roto Lift molding machines
  • One Osborn 3191 Roto Lift molding machines
  • One St. Louis Conveyor mold pallet line with a Carrier mild-sand shakeout system
  • Two Herschel core removal machines
  • One Wheelabrator shot blasting machine
  • Fourteen finish grinding machines
  • Complete sand testing facility

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