Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. offers customers full-service aluminum casting capabilities – from design to delivery. Our business is built on traditional craftsmanship, based on our heritage as pattern makers, combined with modern automated production techniques. This combination of skill and technology results in customers receiving the best parts, service and value possible.

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Full Service
Consider Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. for your complete finishing needs, including heat treatments, coatings, machining and surface treatments such as vibratory finishes and shot blasting. Through our ISO-certified partners we provide:

Engineering Expertise
Looking for design assistance for wood and metal patterns? Depend on Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. for a full range of casting patterns, including complex cores.
Production Efficiency – Save Time/Control Costs
Achieve precision parts, lower costs and on time delivery with our highly
automated production capabilities. Our approach to aluminum casting
processes allows us to deliver enhanced quality while reducing scrap and
increasing production rates.

At our Indiana facility, we cast up to several thousand pounds per hour and produce parts weighing from one ounce to more than 100 pounds in sizes up to three feet square. We provide complete finishing capabilities including heat treatments, coatings, machining and surface treatments such as vibratory finishes and shot blasting. Through our domestic and global partners, we meet and surpass any other casting needs you may have.

Eliminate the time and effort necessary to search and approve multiple
global sources by allowing Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. to coordinate the entire process for you, saving time, logistics and delivery complications while ensuring a competitive pricing structure.

Rigorous Partner Selection:
Our partner selection process includes:

  • Plant Inspection – To verify partner manufacturing capabilities and ISO-certification.
  • Tooling – To verify quality against specifications
  • Samples – To reduce rejections and wasted inspection time at your end by performing our own inspection before sending approved samples to you.
  • Inventory – To maintain sufficient inventory to meet your production requirements on time and budget.
  • Standby Support – To assure on-time delivery and emergency shipments, we maintain the ability to produce your castings at our Indiana plant.

100% Quality Testing: All Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. – whether produced in our plant or supplied by a qualified partner – undergoes rigorous testing including spectrographic analysis, physical inspection, count accuracy and certifications to all quality requirements. We verify dimensional and metallurgical compliance with specifications.
Quick Delivery
Facing tight deadlines? Our automated production ensures we meet your tightest deadlines. We offer just-in-time delivery programs that surpass the competition. We also offer a Fast-Cast program for emergencies. And our special stocking service allows you to manage your cast components inventory with greater efficiency.

Over the years, we've worked closely with numerous customers on inventory
management and product stocking programs. Our innovative Fast-Cast service, first established in the 1990s, enables OEM accounts to call us when their inventory of cast components suddenly becomes depleted. It's our "Modern" way to respond to your emergencies. Or if you're planning ahead, ask us about our custom stocking services.

Other Fast-Cast services include customized inventory management for
frequently-used aluminum cast components.

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