Permanent Mold Castings

As the name suggests, permanent mold casting is a technique wherein permanent molds are used to produce multiple castings; it is an easy way to reproduce multiple castings out of one reusable permanent mold. As a result, the castings are identical and facilitate the casting of more complicated/intricate designs in a time-efficient manner compared to non-permanent(sand) casting techniques. Permanent mold castings see an application in industries such as in automotive for the production of multiple identical components such as gears, pistons, engine casings, brake holders, etc.


Permanent molds are typically made of strong metals such as steel, iron, graphite, and aluminum. The casting material is always of lower melting temperature than that of mold. In manufacturing, the raw molten material is poured into the mold cavity, where it is left to cool and solidify before opening the mold to remove the castings. The mold life is dependent on four factors which are self-explanatory:

  1. The Mold Material
  2. The Pouring Temperature
  3. The Mold Temperature
  4. The Mold Configuration

Advantages- The mold can be re-used to reproduce multiple identical products, which reduces time spent and is cost-effective if used for a large number of castings productions. Permanent mold casting produces little waste and can give better surface finish and dimensional accuracy as compared to non-permanent casting.

Disadvantages- The initial cost of mold can be expensive, and the molds can only be used for casting materials that are of a lower melting point than that of mold material, which restricts the use of permanents molding for high melting point metals.

Through careful consideration and expertise combined from the experience of over 100 years of Modern Aluminum can offer cost-efficient and high precision permanent mold casting for all your industrial needs.


Permanent Mold Casting is used in a wide range of industries for its fast turnaround and high reproducibility such as –

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