Gray Iron Casting & Ductile Iron Casting

What is Gray Iron Casting?

Gray iron casting is much like any other casting process where molten metal is poured into a die or form and removed when it cools. The unique quality of gray iron castings is the machinability of the completed molded product and the ease of the casting process.

The technical skill of Modern Aluminum Casting engineers uses the most up-to-date methods to monitor and control the casting process. This is especially true during the critical cooling and solidification phase, which has to be monitored closely to ensure product quality.

One of the benefits of using gray iron in the casting process is its graphite content. Which makes the metal self-lubricating, which prevents galling, increases the wear resistance of the final product, and significantly decreases shrinkage.

The fluidity of liquid gray iron, and its expansion during solidification, has made it one of the most cost-efficient metals for the casting process. The high carbon content of gray iron is why it melts so easily and is so easily machined.

The low shrinkage and high fluidity of gray iron provides engineers with greater flexibility when creating designs. The design engineers of Modern Aluminum Castings work closely with our customers in the creation of products with the highest quality tensile strength and endurance. We carefully select the perfect process to produce strong and durable products.

The Benefits of Gray Iron Casting

The casting of gray iron is simpler than for any other metal since there isn’t any reason to make adjustments to patterns to allow for shrinkage. This single factor makes using gray iron easier and less complicated. In most cases, the design created on a computer can easily be converted to a pattern for casting and have the same tolerances.

The benefits of gray iron casting are the significance of its properties. It is wear resistant and has excellent strength and hardness. One of its significant benefits is its resistance to galling, which is wear caused by adhesion between two metals. This factor increases its ability to endure stressful conditions and increases its usage life.

The most attractive quality of gray iron casting is its machinability. In the majority of cases, Modern Aluminum Castings’ customers have individual needs that have to be met during the finishing process. The adaptability and ease of forming gray iron makes it possible to make changes or add features during the after molding process.

Ductile Iron Castings

Another process that Modern Aluminum Castings offers is ductile iron casting, which is similar to gray iron casting but produces uniquely different products. Ductile iron castings have many of the same characteristics as gray iron castings with the added features of greater strength and elasticity.

The increased strength and ductility of ductile iron castings makes it applicable to a wider range of applications such as gear boxes, pumps, and cable drums. Its mechanical properties and lower cost make it an excellent replacement for certain types of steel castings and fabrications.

Modern Aluminum Castings’ team of expert engineers can demonstrate for you the excellent qualities of the versatile metal and its many uses.

Gray Iron Casting for Your Next Project

There are limitless benefits for using gray iron for the production of electrical boxes, pump housings, hydraulic components, stove parts, valves, and many other products and parts. Gray iron has served for many years as an essential component of household and industrial products.

The designers and engineers at Modern Aluminum Castings have taken the ancient methods of iron casting and refined them to produce the finest cast iron products on the market. Give us a call, so we can help you plan your next project.

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