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Your One-Stop Source For: Aluminum Sand Castings, Aluminum Permanent Mold Castings, Aluminum Die Castings, Airset/Nobake Castings, Ductile/Grey Iron Castings, Investment Castings ... and much more!

Serving Durham, NC and Established in 1919, Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. draws on its heritage as pattern makers to solve customers' casting challenges and efficiently produce aluminum castings for OEMs worldwide.

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Engineering Expertise

Engineering Expertise
We began as pattern makers and today offer complete design assistance for wood and metal patterns, including close tolerance aluminum castings. Our specialized knowledge enables us to meet customer needs for aluminum sand castings requiring up to seven cores. Additionally, we have the know how to handle your production requirements for the numerous manufacturing processes referenced above.

Production Efficiency

Production Efficiency
Our highly automated production capabilities enhance quality, reduce scrap and increase production rates. These efficient production methods provide precision aluminum castings, lower costs and on-time delivery for our customers.

Full Service

Full Service
We provide complete finishing capabilities including heat treatments, coatings, machining and surface treatments such as vibratory finishes and shot blasting. Also, we have special arrangements with a select group of ISO-certified partners who can provide customers with castings, forgings, stampings, injection and vacuum plastic molded parts with on-time deliveries.

Quick Delivery

Quick Delivery
Our metal casting experience ensures we meet our customers’ tight deadlines for just-in-time delivery that surpasses the competition. We also offer a Fast-Cast program for emergencies and a stocking service to help customers manage cast components inventory.

  • Abrasion Resistant Iron
  • Aluminum (100, 700 & 800 Series)
  • Aluminum-Copper (200 Series)
  • Aluminum-Magnesium (500 Series) Aluminum-Silicon (300 Series) Aluminum-Silicon (400 Series) Austempered Ductile Iron
  • Carbon Steels
  • Cobalt-Base
  • Compacted Graphite Iron
  • Corrosion Resistant Iron & Steels
  • Ductile & Grey Iron
  • Heat Resistant Iron & Steels
  • Copper-Base Alloys
  • Lead Low Alloy Steels
  • Magnesium Malleable
  • Iron Manganese Steels
  • Mn/Al-Si Bronze + Cu-Ni Alloys
  • Nickel Base
  • Red/Yellow Brass/Tin-Bronze
  • Superalloys
  • Titanium
  • Zinc-Base
  • Processes
    Durham, NC Airset/Nobake Casting
    Durham, NC Aluminum Die Casting
    Durham, NC Aluminum Permanent Mold
    Durham, NC Aluminum Sand Casting
    Durham, NC Ductile/Grey Iron Casting
    Durham, NC Centrifugal Casting
    Durham, NC Ceramic Mold Casting/Shaw Durham, NC Continuous Gas-Hardened/Coldbox Green Sand-Horizontal & Vertical Investment Casting
  • Lost Foam (Evaporative Pattern Casting)
  • Plaster Mold
  • Shell Mold
  • Squeeze/Semi-Solid
  • V-Process Sand
  • Vacuum Casting

  • Secondary Finishing Operations
  • Drilling and CNC machining
  • Shotblast finishing
  • Vibratory and general polishing
  • Electrostatic power coating
  • Fluidize bed - nylon coating
  • Painting

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